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My First BET Awards

As many of you know by now this past weekend I attended my first BET Awards here in LA! To say I had a…


Winter Wear Crisis

If there were ever a whiny-pity-me post this will probably be it. So its March and its STILL cold/snowy/insert horrible descriptive here in NYC….


Green Cardigan

Although the winter here in NYC isn’t BRUTAL…it still is super cold. So dressing warm and stylish is all about layering and experimentation. I…


Fur Play

  Confession: I’ve always been afraid to wear fur coats. I always saw women wearing them and instantly was intimidated. Theres something about a…


NYC Rainy Day Style

I’ve been so excited to share this post with you because its something dear to my heart! As I mentioned before this year I…


Long Duster Coat

I know I know. You’re probably thinking where in the HECK have I been?! To be honest Ive been really really busy/stressed/working hard/all of…